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Speaker Carpet

This speaker carpet is perfect for those needful hours of a new speaker. This under-felt carpet is perfect for hiding any odor from your new product. It is also great for protecting your under-felt from the elements.

Sub Box Carpet

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Speaker Box Carpet

This is a speaker box carpet that is used for audio and video. It is under-felt and it has two subwoofers. The carpet is used for under-felt areas in the car. this is a subwoofer carpet box cover. It will cover thesubwoofer in the car and help to protect it from the outside. It also helps to protect the carpet from damage. this is a subwoofer box that comes with a carpet video audio wrap trunk and upholstery lot. It is perfect for anyone who wants a sound that is living, acoustic, and livingribly alive. this professional grade subwoofer speaker box is made of black carpet and has a 1 yard thickness. It is also made of a professional gradesubwooferunny speaker grille. The box is given a perfect score of 36 out of 48 on the satisfaction level scale. Finally, the box is also provided with a weasiark0006 speaker grille.