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Smith Trailer Bunk Carpet

Looking for a bed that will last? look no further than the smith bunk bed. This bed is made with a hard wooden bottom and is made to last by having a guide post on the bottom. The bed is also mobster covered in blue and green carpet. What this means is that this bed will keep your bedding clean and in top condition. The blue and green color combination is sure to make a statement at your next party.

C E Smith Deluxe Marine Bunk Carpet

If you're looking for a bunk bed that will make your marine life much more enjoyable, the smith deluxe marine bunk bed is perfect! It's sturdy and has a comfortable fit, making it perfect for using while mopping or sweeping. Plus, the soft and comfortable fabric will never make you feel anxious while using it.

Deluxe Marine Bunk Carpet

Looking for a soft and comfortable sleeping space? look no further than the deluxe marine bunk carpet. This carpet is made of 100%polyester and is perfect for any room or home. With a114212l x 11 w gray polyester bed roll carpet, you'll have a cozy place to sleep. this is a perfect for your boat trailer. It has two side guides to help with getting down to the water. It's also carpeted and has hardware to keep it together. the smith trailer bunk carpet is a perfect solution for those with a small room or space. It is black polyester fabric with c. Smith number 1130 12l x 11w black numerals. The roll is 11" wide x 11" long and has a perforated bottom to allow for easy ventilation. The carpet isweride is 12" in diameter x 12" in height. The carpet is available in a choice of black or white. The carpet is made of c. Smith 11349 18 l x 18 w black polyester bunk roll carpet which has a black finish. It is also have a black smoke machine name.