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Is The Carpet All Wet Todd

If you are looking for a piece of humor and contrarian media prophecy, you have done things I haven't done yet! I've never told a lie - I've never given away any information - I've never given into pressure - I've never. I've just been as true to my brand as I could be. And I've been playing with the idea of whether or not carpeting is necessary, because I think it's a great idea and it's just smarts when people ask me that. (i'm not alone in that. ) but, I do have a bad feeling about this.

And Is The Carpet All Wet Todd

Hi everyone, I'm sorry to say that the carpet is now all wet. We had a rainstorm earlier in the day and that caused the water to flow into the dryer. I'm sure it will be a lot of work to clean up now. Will especially need to take care of the feet of dolls and other high-end items. but hopefully we can get it cleanable and ready for the ces air-igraph show in a few weeks. all the best to everyone here at the carpeting store.

Is The Carpet All Wet Sweater

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