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Carpet Roll

This carpet roll is made with 40" of durable un-baked black upholstery durable. It is backed by a 20" of automotive trim carpet at 40" x 15". This roll will fit any automotive such as ford, nissan, etc. It is also easy to put together with just minutes of your time.

Auto Carpet Roll

If you're looking for a easy and affordable way to get your auto cararpet rolling, you'll want to check out auto carpet roll. This great product is perfect for getting the business office and other applications into order on the first day of travel!

Universal Auto Carpet

This 5 yard burgundy upholstery un-backed automotive trim carpet is for carpeting up your home or office. It is a great choice for when you need to histreinwidth and depth. The carpet is made of 40x15 ft. It has a rolling never-ending code. It is made of natural. This carpet is perfect for any room in your home. looking for a piece of automotive furniture that will outlive you? look no further than 5 yards coffee upholstery un-backed automotive trim carpet 40x15ft roll dj us. Our soft, plush carpet is designed to last and is equipped with an un-backedamerican automotive trim carpet system. With 40x15ft roll, this carpet is sure to last long for 5 yrs. looking for a way to keep your car clean and free of bacteria? check out our automotive carpet by the yard carpet! This mat is perfect for the honda civic 2022-22. It has a low-pile surface for easy cleaning and is made of durable materials. this automotive trim carpeting sheet is made of 200 roll plastic that is perfect for cars. It has a protective adhesive floor mat that will keep your floor clean and free of dirt and dust.