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Antique Carpets

Our antique carpets are a perfect match for your home. Theserugs are made from hand-made wool carpet and are a perfect addition to your home. They are a great addition for any room in your home and are a great value. The 84-inch wide carpet is perfect for any room in your home. The 54-inch wide rug is a great addition for any room in your home.

4'5 x 7 Geometric Animal Carpet Plush Vintage Handmade Oriental Wool Area Rug

4'5 x 7 Geometric Animal Carpet Plush Vintage Handmade Oriental Wool Area Rug

By vintage antique handmade hand knotted wool rug


Old Carpet

The old carpet is the reason why your house has a dirty look. The old carpet is composed of a higher percentage of bacteria and bacteria-based oils and was created due to different activities done on the floor such as shaking, vcr use, and organization. When there is a great deal of dust and dirt on the floor, the dust particles create larger dust specks that can cause issues such as allergies and asthma. there are a few tips that can help get the old carpet cleaned and replaced: . Use a vacuum cleaner when there are any signs of use or dust. This will help clean the floor and avoid any build-up of dirt and dust. Use a/v detergent and water when sonos, appletv, and other digital devices are being used. This will clean the floor and prevent videos and music from being retention. Use a/v cleaner when significant use of dusts or dirt. This will remove any bacteria and dust oils. Use a/v mop when needed to clean up any water that does not run away from the mop.

Antique Carpet

This antique carpet is a handknit area rug with a blue and red medallion design. It is in 7x11 size and has a small hole in the center. The rug is also covered in a low-pile carpeting that gives the rug extra life. this is a very old, traditional carpet made from 10x13 or 10x14 cotton wheel. The red is traditional and the big wool is red. The carpet is 10x13 or 10x14 feet tall. It has a weathered look to it and is scaly on the bottom due to the textured surface. This ancient carpet is hand-made from a blend of cotton wheel and big wool and is 10x13 or 10x14 feet in size. this fun color carpet runner isknit with a geometric area rug carpet runner 28x71172. Perfect for any room, this rug is also great for their home office or home entertainment center. if you're looking for an old-fashioned carpet rug to keep your home looking its best, then you need to check out this one. This rug is made of oriental origin carpet and is absolutely beautiful. You'll be sure to love the way it feels on your feet and see how easy it is to clean.